About Draft

We started Table Ferments in early 2021 to further our exploration of natural fermentation. Naturally fermented drinks (of any kind!) are fascinating and something more people should have the opportunity to try, whether they're into it or not is totally up to them. 

We've been playing around personally and professionally with Kombuchas, Kefirs and the like for the past few years and felt like we had something that people might quite like. On top of that, these drinks are generally marketed from a health perspective or in the most disappointing cases, appropriating other cultures without any thought about the actual history or provenance of ancient methods. 

To be perfectly honest, fermentation fascinates us and when made with care, these drinks can be downright delicious. Coupled with our strong ethos when it comes to ethical food sourcing and sustainable produce systems we feel that these ferments can really give a snapshot of the local ingeredients of southern Scandinavia, something that sadly can be a little difficult to find. 

As well as sourcing from local farmers and food producers, we also forage our own herbs and fruits as well as sourcing from a handful of legitimate small producers in southern Europe. 

Anyhow, we'll leave it up to you whether you're into or not, but a little taste never hurt.