Who We Work With

These are the people that make Table Ferments possible ❤️

Keegan Van Gorder

Keegan is an artist and craftswoman based in Minneapolis, MN.
She has been with us since day one, helping to design our labels and give the ferments character.


Kysøko is a pesticide free organic orchard west of Næstved in Denmark.
We source the majority of the berries for our Kefirs from here.


Klippingegård is a small farm just south of Copenhagen.
We source chemical free fruit from them for various ferments.


Birkemosegaard is a 'Demeter' rated biodynamic farm in Sjællands Odde on the northwest coast of Zealand, Denmark.
We source various biodynamic and organic produce from them for various ferments. 


Fuglebjerggard is an organic farm north of Copenhagen.
We source various herbs and other produce from them for various ferments. 


Æblerov is an organic cider producer based in central Zealand, Denmark.
We source our apple juice for secondary fermentation from them.